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GenCon Design/Build

What we Do

Preconstruction/Design Services

In addition to quality workmanship, we offer in-house design services, allowing our clients to see their project through each stage from design to fruition.  J. H. Hassinger’s preconstruction and design abilities are some of the most valuable services we offer our clients.  From defining the project scope (and encouraging project team to build the “best value” into each phase of work), creating a cost estimate and schedule, we strive to keep projects on-time and on-schedule.

In-House Design

With over 25 years of design experience,  our in-house architect can bring the client’s ideas to life. Having an in-house architectural service allows for shorter lead time, quicker turnaround time and ultimately keeps the project moving at a steady pace.

Cost Estimating

Value Engineering

It is vital to have working budgets and early in the process and making sure to update them as often as it takes to keep the project moving forward.

“Best Value” is not necessarily the cheap route. Instead we define best value by utilizing products that give the owner the most value for their money.

Project Schedule

Our decades of experience allows us to accurately determine the project schedule. We want the least amount of interruptions while still allowing the project to be completed on time.

Let us make your dreams a reality