For the past decade, J.H. Hassinger Power Division has been working on substation and transmission line projects from coast to coast. With a portfolio that grows everyday with its size and complexity, the Power Division has the ability to take on any project, in any state. We pride ourselves on being one of the best substation contractors in the country, delivering the highest quality products safely and on time.

What We Do

The Power Division specializes in Greenfield and Brownfield substation projects. We have installed foundations in live substations up to 500kV and have built yards with over 400 foundations.

Contact us for more information on the following services:

  • Large diameter foundations
  • Small diameter foundations
  • Low overhead drilling
  • Pad foundation construction
  • Transformer pad and containment installation
  • CI Agent certified installer
  • Site work
  • Surface Stone Installation
  • Existing foundation demolition
  • Concrete encased duct package installation
  • O&M/Control house building construction
  • Firewall installation
  • Supply of all materials: concrete, rebar, bolts, etc.